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If I could ask them one question about

the Church’s Book of Mormon, Come Follow Me, Lesson 12
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For March 16-22, 2020
Jacob 5-7

If I wanted to encourage thought and try to understand devout believers better, I might ask:

“Why won’t they tell us if they’ve seen Christ?”

Things to consider:

If you could ask believers questions about the scriptures for this lesson, what would you ask?

Trivia, “And It Came To Pass That . . .”

The phrase “And it came to pass that” is used 31 times in Jacob 5. For Come Follow Me lesson 5 I brought up that the phrase “it came to pass that” is used 31 times in 1 Ne 16. Though Jacob 5 has nearly twice as many verses, so the repetition is only half as dense, Jacob 5 is distinguished because it has the phrase with the additional word “And” at the beginning each time. Kudos to Jacob for rivaling Nephi in repetition?

Have fun studying!

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