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If I could ask them one question about

the Church’s Book of Mormon, Come Follow Me, Lesson 2
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For Jan. 6-12, 2020
1 Ne 1-7

If I wanted to encourage thought and try to understand believing Mormons better, I might ask:

“Why did Nephi think he had to kill a defenseless, unconscious Laban for the brass plates?”

Context making the killing problematic:

But Nephi and his brothers brought a ton of wealth to Laban earlier in an attempt to buy the plates. Laban told his servants to kill the boys. He did not succeed in doing that, but he did succeed in stealing their property, therefor it could be logical to suppose they had legally bought and paid for the plates. They made an offer, he took all the “money” they offered him, so the plates were legally theirs - in the eternal sense of fairness (I don’t know about their actual laws).
~ You know who you are you wonderfully random, anonymous thinker

Mormonism has been tempered over time, so it no longer directly promotes violence, but doesn’t this Book of Mormon killing show how revelation can be harmful and dangerous? When even prophets fail (Adam/God doctrine for example, even incorporated into the endowment ceremony for years), revelation seems horribly problematic.

If you could ask believers questions about this week’s Come Follow Me lesson, what would you ask?

Have fun studying!

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