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If I could ask them one question about

the Church’s Book of Mormon, Come Follow Me, Lesson 11
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For March 9-15, 2020
Jacob 1-4

If I wanted to encourage thought and try to understand devout believers better, I might ask:

“Polygamy, which way is it?”

Things to consider:


If you could ask believers questions about the scriptures for this lesson, what would you ask?

* I find the idea of “giving” a woman to a man objectifying, belittling, and misogynistic. I used it in a bullet point above because that is the language used in D&C 132:63 and because I was referring to how the God of that scripture could have commanded monogamous marriages to raise up seed to himself if he was intent on “giving” women to men. I count at least seven times that women are “given” in marriage or concubinage in D&C 132.

A Deeper Look at Mormon Polygamy

Because of my focus on the Book of Mormon, I barely scratched the surface of Mormon Polygamy. The subject is so riddled with theological, legal, and moral concerns that you should probably check out these posts at the LDS Discussions Blog if you’re at all interested in Mormon polygamy.

Have fun studying!

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