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To those non-believers who still attend church or sit through family discussions of the Come Follow Me lessons, this is for you. Whether you do it because you have to please the parents, because you want to support a spouse, because you just haven’t had the heart to tell loved ones, etc.; this is for you. May these posts help you feel a little more sane, and maybe, just maybe, if the timing is ever right, may these posts inspire you to ask believers you care for some questions that will help them think at least enough to help them understand you a little better.
Peace amigos

Because Mormons are supposed to be studying the Book of Mormon in their 2020 Come Follow Me lessons, I’ve put together a question associated with the lesson manual or passages from the Book of Mormon. To explain why I think a question is relevant and to deal with some of the excuses that may be used for the Book of Mormon or the lesson manual, I’ve also listed facts and observations I find relevant.

I hope you find them interesting. I’d love to hear any feedback, positive or negative, you may have about these posts. If you ever have the opportunity to share thoughts from these posts with believers or never-Mormons, I’d be particularly interested in hearing how they reacted. You can share your experiences and thoughts with me on our Contact Us page.

Have fun studying!

Questions I might ask if I wanted to encourage thought and try to understand devout believers better:

  1. Lesson 1
    “Why were the golden plates needed when Joseph didn’t actually use them for the translation?”

  2. Lesson 2
    “Why did Nephi think he had to kill a defenseless, unconscious Laban for the brass plates?”

  3. Lesson 3
    “Why do you think Lehi’s vision of the tree of life is so similar to the vision Joseph Smith Sr. had apparently 19 years prior to the Book of Mormon publishing?”

  4. Lesson 4
    “How might non-Mormons or Mormons who are Native Americans be affected by the Book of Mormon passages claiming Lamanites were scattered and smitten 1,000 years after their ancestors dwindled in unbelief?”

  5. Lesson 5
    “Can you think of a good reason to say there were horses in the Americas in Book of Mormon times?”

  6. Lesson 6
    “How could the Lehites be kept from all nations to have the land to themselves?”

  7. Lesson 7
    “Why would an angel reveal a Greek title as a name for the Messiah to someone from Jerusalem in the Americas in about 550 BCE?”

  8. Lesson 8
    “What do you think of the Book of Mormon rendering of Isaiah 9:1?”

  9. Lesson 9
    “Is it okay to make it difficult to understand certain things about the Church?”

  10. Lesson 10
    “Do all believers in Christ actually believe the Words of Nephi?”
    “Could this one weird trick let you discern if someone is really a Christian?”

  11. Lesson 11
    “Polygamy, which way is it?”

  12. Lesson 12
    “Why won’t they tell us if they’ve seen Christ?”

  13. Lesson 13
    “Could it be problematic that Enos’s father taught him ‘in the nurture and admonition of the Lord’?”

  14. Lesson 14
    “Doesn’t the crowning event of the Book of Mormon fall flat?”

  15. Lesson 15
    “Isn’t it weird that there are no Lehite written records?”

  16. Lesson 16
    “So, without LDS priesthood ordinances, a person does not have moral or spiritual power?”

  17. Lesson 17
    “What do you think about neas, and sheum?”

  18. Lesson 18
    “Doesn’t the Book of Mormon seem Trinitarian?”

  19. Lesson 19
    “Isn’t it odd the Book of Mormon is so wordy?”

  20. Lesson 20
    “Why don’t modern seers translate like Book of Mormon seers?”

  21. Lesson 21
    “Doesn’t Alma the Younger seem like an Incredible?”

  22. Lesson 22
    “Were there sheep in the Americas during Book of Mormon times?”

  23. Lesson 23
    “Do you think the Book of Mormon helps with the problem of evil?”

  24. BLM Special Edition
    “Since Black Lives Matter, why don’t we renounce Mormonism’s racist past starting with Brigham Young?”

  25. Lesson 24
    “Why are Book of Mormon prophecies so … prophetic?”

  26. Lesson 25
    “Can faith be harmful or dangerous?”

  27. Lesson 26
    “Would they really have buried all their weapons?”

  28. Lesson 27
    “Are Book of Mormon stories about anti-Christs helpful?”

  29. Lesson 28
    “Could the Alma 32 experiment lead down a bad path?”

  30. Lesson 29
    “What do chiasmuses tell us about the Book of Mormon?”

  31. Lesson 30
    “Is sexual sin really comparable to murder?”

  32. Lesson 31
    “Swords? Really?”

  33. Lesson 32
    “Does He protect the righteous or not? Which way is it?”

  34. Lesson 33
    “Do you think the Tower of Babel story really happened?”

  35. Lesson 34
    “Do you think God actually causes natural disasters?”

  36. Lesson 35
    “Doesn’t it seem like folklore that treasures slipped away?”

  37. Lesson 36
    “Why did they flip-flop so quickly?”

  38. Lesson 37
    “Does Jesus’ visit to the Americas present some glaring inconsistencies?”

  39. Lesson 38
    “Are some of Jesus’ Bible quotes in the Book of Mormon problematic?”

  40. Lesson 39
    “Does Jesus refer to what would be anachronisms?”

  41. Lesson 40
    “There shall be among them those who will not believe?”

  42. Lesson 41
    “Would it be better if I had not been born?”

  43. Lesson 42
    “Who does the Church feel more threatened by – Jack Mormons or exMormons?”

  44. Lesson 43
    “Is lack of DNA evidence a major challenge to Book of Mormon truth claims?”

  45. Lesson 44
    “Why did Moroni give us Ether’s Geneology?”

  46. Lesson 45
    “Does the Jaredite voyage strain credulity?”

  47. Lesson 46
    “What evidence would you expect from such large civilizations?”

  48. Lesson 47
    “Who is Moroni writing to?”

  49. Lesson 48
    Warning – I discuss sexual assault and victim shaming in this post. If that might be too distressing, you may want to skip this one.

  50. Lesson 49
    “How well does the Book of Mormon promise work?”

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