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If I could ask them one question about

the Church’s Book of Mormon, Come Follow Me, Lesson 5
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For Jan. 27 - Feb. 2, 2020
1 Ne 16-22

If I wanted to encourage thought and try to understand devout believers better, I might ask:

“Can you think of a good reason to say there were horses in the Americas in Book of Mormon times?”

(as in 1 Ne 18:25)

Things to consider:

If you could ask believers questions about this week’s Come Follow Me lesson, what would you ask?

Trivia, “It Came To Pass That . . . ”

The phrase “it came to pass that” is used 31 times in 1 Ne 16. With only 39 verses, the phrase is used in the chapter once every 1.26 verses on average. The phrase “came to pass” is used 1,355 times in the book, so the phrase is used 5.67 times per chapter on average, or once every 4.87 verses on average. (This does not include “come to pass” or other variations of the phrase, but they are few compared to the number of times “came to pass” is used.)

Have fun studying!

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